Welcome To Rumble Ministries

Rumble Ministries is a ministry based on relationship, developed by Rev. Jay "Butch" and Diana Chevalier through an encounter with God Butch had in 1980 with the scriptures Matthew 25, a song from Keith Green "Asleep in the Light" and a dream after reading about the vision William Booth the founder of Salvation Army had as he saw a sea of humanity perishing with the voice of God calling him to "rescue the the perishing!"

In this dream God showed Butch a strategy to reach those who cannot help themselves and yet Jesus said to leave the 99 and go after the one lost sheep. Rumble Ministries is dedicated to minister to all who need Jesus through loving and serving those that many have forgotten. Our main catalyst has been the Motorcycle Ministry but really it is anyone we meet anywhere God places them in our path. You might say we are real people touching other real people whether a hard core Biker or a cancer patient that just needs to know there is a hope and a future we want to be there as HIS hands and feet, as servants with compassion to show God's love.
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