Rumblings by Author

Rolling Thunder 2015

Riding with veterans and participating in interaction with our great men and women in our military is humbling. Rolling Thunder raises awsreness of those who didn’t come home and gave the ultimate sacrifice. It also provides a platform to help those who have come home but may not be whole physically or mentally. Forgetting is […]

Blessing and Blunders!

This past weekend we saw Jesus! What? Your kidding, right? No, not at all! While we traveled this past month a friend from our sending fellowship Lakeland Vinyard, Connie Wilburn came up and spoke a word from God to me. It was the same word she spoke to me 20 years ago, she said, “Butch, […]

A weekend: Friday with the fam

What a weekend this was! L&B’s Pizzeria  Biker Blessing. As you can see it was a beautiful day. The greatest beauty was when a couple came to Jesus. What an amazing blessing. To come for a prayer and leave with a relationship with Jesus that last for eternity. ….now that’s amazing!…..just sayin

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