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Blessing and Blunders!

This past weekend we saw Jesus! What? Your kidding, right? No, not at all! While we traveled this past month a friend from our sending fellowship Lakeland Vinyard, Connie Wilburn came up and spoke a word from God to me. It was the same word she spoke to me 20 years ago, she said, “Butch, […]

A weekend: Friday with the fam

What a weekend this was! L&B’s Pizzeria  Biker Blessing. As you can see it was a beautiful day. The greatest beauty was when a couple came to Jesus. What an amazing blessing. To come for a prayer and leave with a relationship with Jesus that last for eternity. ….now that’s amazing!…..just sayin

Oasis meeting!

Oasis meeting Joe led us in a good word on preceding our ministry with prayer! Joe is a good example and role model of planning and praying and watching God unfold His plan with His blessing. He use the acronym ACTS ADORATION CONFESSION THANKSGIVING SUPPLICATION as a model of how to approach God and the […]

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