About Us

In 2006 Rev. Jay “Butch” Chevalier after thinking he was headed to Pastor a church and Diana Chevalier was being asked to be the director of a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Florida through a series of events all the doors to these opportunities closed.

aboutimage1In the midst of waiting on God a friend of Butch and Diana’s was selling a new Harley for various reason and after much discussion Butch bought this top of the line Harley with only 700 miles on the odometer and for 10,000 dollars less than the sticker price. They thought we can ride until we figure out what God is doing their lives. When Butch went to pick up the motorcycle something strange happened as he asked his friend what he was going to do with all his riding gear, heated gloves, boots, Harley leather jacket and chaps.

aboutimage2When he began to try them on everything fit like they were tailored for him and a few short month later Butch was headed to Daytona on his first motorcycle ministry trip. Butch began to watch God touch people everywhere they went on the motorcycles and had God encounters everywhere he went. Butch began to see that every time he was on the motorcycle people would strangely be gravitated to the bike and a conversation about their relationship with God. Now with ten of thousands of miles and doing motorcycle ministry from Daytona to Sturgis, from free bike washes to free oil changes, in camp grounds and in bars, restaurants, churches or on the beach Butch and Diana and many friends who ride have seen hundred of people touched and come to Jesus. The prayer now is to see individuals, masses and the Nations come to Jesus through love, service and compassion. So as Star Trek wound say “go boldly where no man has gone before!” Only this time HIS-tory is being written and it is true.

Come with us on this journey, “It’s all about the journey” we let God take care of the destination!

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