Daytona Beach Bikeweek 2015

As Jonah was spit up by the big fish I can imagine after 3 days of being in the digestive juices of the big stomach he looked and smelled a little weird.
In my mind all he could muster up was “Repent”, no big long speech but one word with impact.

In our journey to arrive here Diana and I lost our close friend Cathy Bailey, our motorhome home has broken down 3 times and fixed by two bikers who we spoke to about our mission to bikers and their relationship with Jesus.

We got to Daytona late? Or did God have another plan…..our hearts are hurting over losing our dear friend Cathy so He kept us near friends in Largo and Lakeland and brought bikers to us as we are grieving and we had God winks or divine appointments. It’s all about the love of Jesus….just sayin!

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